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about us

Our mission

To build long term relationships with our customers and associates. Pursuing business through innovation and hard work, integrating honesty, ethics and human integrity.

For over 10 years members of our company were working  for companies in the event rental industry. The job history of our team started in low levels positions and ended up handling very successful executive responsibilities.

At the end of 2014 we decided to bring together all that work experience to start up our own adventure and after a few months of planning and hard work we were able to launch Ayate Linens on June of 2015.

Our name derivate from the Nahuatl word “Ayatl” which means; thin cloth made from maguey’s fiber or cotton.

Nahuatl  was a prestige language spoken by the Aztects  and other American Pre-Hispanic cultures.

  • We use ecofriendly supplies.
  • We use recyclable package supplies.
  • We use hybrid or electrical vehicles for delivery.
  • We promote the value of reuse.

Ayate Linens has been created to be a good place to work, with environmental sensibility and great social responsibility.

Seamless tablecloth rentals!

f aqs

How can I place my order? You can do it online, by email or by phone. Whatever method is convenient for you.

How long in advance I need to place my order?The sooner the better. Usually we are able to fulfill even last minute orders, however we recommend you to do it at least two weeks before your event.

Can I modify my order? You can do so up to 72 hours before delivery. Availability rules apply

Is there a minimum order? No, we will try to fulfill all orders big or small.

What methods of payment do you accept? Most credit cards are accepted, bank transfers, checks or cash are also welcome.

When do I have to pay mi order? While a deposit may be requested to reserve, we strongly recommend you to pay your order 72 hours before delivery.

If I cancel my order, do I get a refund? If you cancel your order at least 72 hours before delivery date we will refund you the full amount less any process or restocking fees. 

It is my payment information safe? Credit cards information is deleted from our system after payment is processed.

Will you deliver my order? Sure, for a small fee we can deliver and pick up your order. You may also qualify for free delivery and pick up.

What is the delivery fee? Delivery fees are charged based on distance or geographical zones from our location.

Can I pick up my order from your location? Sure, you can pick up and drop off your order at our location.


What happens if my items get damaged? A reasonable replacement fee will be added to your account.

Do you set up my rentals? No, however we can help you out if time allows.

Do I need to return my items cleaned? No, we only ask to please remove pieces of food or left overs

What happens if I don’t return my items on time? Extended rental fees might apply for items not returned on time. 

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